About KSTM

Khalid Siraj Textile Mills Limited (KSTML) equipped with 17,280 spindles products 100% cotton yarn. The unit was incorporated in 1988 and is located at 48 km on the Lahore-Multan Road.

The product range includes carded and combed yarns both for knitting and weaving end use. A major percentage of the production is being exported to quality conscious customers in Europe, Far East and Middle East.

Product Range[divider scroll_text=””]

From 10/S to 60/S Carded/Combed

Machinery[divider scroll_text=””]

The mill is quipped with the latest spinning machinery.

Machinery Make Qty
Breakers – Bale Opener Local 5
Blow Room Trutschler, Germany 3
Card Machine – MK 4 Crossrol, England 24
Drawing Frame – DX-8 Hirra Toyoda, Japan 6
Finisher – DHY-500C Toyoda, Japan 3
Comber – CM 10 Toyoda, Japan 14
Simplex Frame – FL-16 Toyoda, Japan 8
Ring Spinning Frame – RY-4 Toyoda, Japan 36
Auto Conner – 7-II & 21-C Murata 8
Willow Machines Local / China 6
Humidification Plant Local 7
Air Compressors Kaeser, Germany 6
Air Compressor Megi, Japan 4
Laboratory Swiss / Japan Complete
Diesel Power Generator Mitsubishi, Japan 1

Raw Material
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Alongwith the traditional use of Pakistani Cotton, Khalid Siraj Testile Mills Limitd has also ventured into the import of premium quality Cotton, (U.S. Pima Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, and Australian Cotton) keeping in view the demand for contamination free yarn.